Sunday, June 16, 2013

Feels like Summertime! How can it get any better than this?

Hi again you all,

Another perfect day in paradise : )

Been awhile. I have been busy settling into some new patterns: forming new co-creative business associations, designing new graphic and web projects (, new ways to create income, screenwriting classes, writing a plan for a new business, video projects, gardening... Lots of doing and not so much just being. Today, I will wander up the road to the community pool, Rick Reardon hero book in hand, to sit and relax... Ahhhhhh summer!

So much going on! A dear friend in Chicago has formed an organization to support Single Payer Health Care: I am for it! As many of us know, when the monetary going gets tough (as is the case for so many at this time), healthcare becomes a huge burden - and with many, their lives depend on getting the medicines and care that their bodies need, just to keep living.

Imagine a world where everyone gets equal care and money is not the determining factor. It's a cause and way of life that is worthy of our attention. My Chicago friend Sue also directed me to a local group in the area: WNC Health Advocates, Leslie Boyd. She has a great blog also: Leslie mentioned a Doctor in Asheville locally, who has decided not to take insurance anymore. You pay a set 1st visit cost and each visit thereafter is $50. I just emailed her. I want to be able to support docs who are charging in this way - it's the new paradigm

Just like "donation-based" yoga classes. Pay what you can,if you don't have ANY, you can always come practice anyway. EVERYONE is included. That's one way to effect change - locally... At local restaurant, Rosetta's, their policy is "everyone eats". If you don't have money, you can go there and they will feed you. They also have a reduced price menu... most items are $5 or $6.

Anyway, my friend Sue is creating a single-payer healthcare demonstration to put the word out and she will be traveling across the country in 2014 to spread the word. I have a dream running in my head that I will be able to procure a RV and gas/food money and be her driver/video person for the duration of her journey. If you can help us with this dream in ANY way for 2014, shoot me an email.

Onto everyday concerns...

As per my last posted blog in Feb., I was talking about healthier dryer sheet options. I threw out the unhealthy sheets that my roomie had and replaced them with Mrs. Meyers brand. These work great to get rid of the static - leave clothes scented nicely. My roomie liked them alot. At $8 for 80 sheets, that should last 6 to 8 months for one person. Well worth the additional cost.

Then, I went to Michael's craft store and purchased 1 skein of 100% wool yarn. I wrapped the yarn into balls, stuffed them into the legs of an old pair of panty hose, and washed/dried on super hot, as described in the last blog. The balls felted nicely. I added some essential oils that I purchased from Wicklow Fragrance in Hendersonville, NC. I decided on "Rain" scent - very clean. I added a few drops to the yarn balls and dried my clothes. I didn't notice any reduction in static, but the clothes smelled very nice and looked less wrinkled. I Really like using them too. Feels very organic - a fun experiment : )

I have been enjoying nature and the peace of the country. The chickens are laying eggs and enjoying their lives, spotted a lunar moth the other day, baby goslings in the lake (I said a quick prayer that they would escape any snapping turtle predators).

Well, thanks for reading. I hope your summer is going great... not even really summer Yet... sure feels like it though.

I hope you have a beautiful day-
Resplendence Happens!

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